Canine Massage, Animal Reiki Teacher, Canine Trigger Point Therapy, Canine Chakra Balance

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Animal Reiki & Canine Massage

Is your canine companion starting to show their age?  Do they sleep a little more than they used to?  Are they slower as they go up or down the steps? Showing signs of stiffness when after lying down? Older dogs show subtle signs of aging in the way they sit, walk, are less active or less interested in the things they used to love.  This class will teach you how to provide comfort to your “Old Timer.”

Part 1: 

  • What does massage do for my dog?
  • How much pressure should I use?
  • Should I massage my dog?
  • Learn an easy massage pattern to help your “Old Timer”

Part 2: 
  • Learn how massage supports your pet’s emotional well being
  • Where do dogs “store” their emotions?
  • Learn the importance of skin and fascia - the skin beneath the skin.
  • Learn skin stimulating techniques that release endorphins.

Part 3: 
  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of arthritis.
  • My vet says my dog has arthritis.  Now what?
  • What can I do to help?
  • Learn to use feather-light touch to provide comfort to a arthritic dog.

Part 4: 
  • Learn about other ailments that affect our “Old Timers”
  • Does your dog have ‘bad hips?’
  • Learn to do a massage that identifies your dog's sore spots.

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