Canine Massage, Animal Reiki Teacher, Canine Trigger Point Therapy, Canine Chakra Balance

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Animal Reiki & Canine Massage

Chakra Work

Animals have chakras just like humans.  A vibrant chakra system is as important for our animals as for ourselves.  A weakness in a single chakra can cause a dis-ease in the body, mind and/or spirit.  

Chakra readings provide insight to the energetic pulse of the human and animal essence.  Chakra balancing helps the animal to shift energetically to be able to be at ease.  

Pendulum Work

Using a basic pendulum, the subtle energy of the chakra system is detected and will swing indicating balance or imbalance, strength or weakness and other differences.

Using specialized 'healing' pendulums, energy imbalances can be found through out the energetic system of the animal and urged into balance.  

Stones and Crystals

Semi-precious stones and crystals vibrate healing energy.  Using a select group of stones and crystals, such as kyanite, tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst and more, the animal energy system can be gently urged to return to balance.  Stones that resonate with the chakra system as a whole or individually may be used during an energy work session.


Aromatherapy products produced by Aromadog are used as needed in an energy work session.  Products like "Chill Out," a blend of lavender and chamomile help to calm an excited dog, and "Arf-Ritis Relief" sooths arthritis discomfort are also specifically blended for use with canines and are vet recommended.   


featherhawk essences are used to assist the canine in finding an energetic balance.  The essences are made from natural sources and stabilized using red shiso vinegar.  "Animal Emergency Soulution" is a popular blend that works to calm emergency stress as well as daily stress.  Used in the auric field of the animal, the essences are stroked into the energy system for quick relief.