Canine Massage, Animal Reiki Teacher, Canine Trigger Point Therapy, Canine Chakra Balance

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Animal Reiki & Canine Massage

“Wheels” of power, centered along the spine, resting in the subtle energy body.

There are 8 chakras recognized in this study of the canine subtle energy system. This 8-part WEBINAR class reviews the canine chakras and and how they support our canine companions on a physical and emotional level.

Part 1: 

  • Introduction of Canine Chakras
  • What are chakras and how do they effect canines
  • Using tools to locate the chakras
  • The Root Chakra: Vitality and Survival Instincts

Part 2: 
 The Sacral Chakra: Procreation and Going with the Flow

Part 3:   
The Solar Plexus: The Willpower and Digestive System

Part 4: 
The Heart Chakra: Love, Jealousy and Circulation

Part 5: 
The Throat Chakra: Dominance, Barking and Thyroid health

Part 6: 
The Sensory Chakra: Circadian Rhythm and Olfactory Sensors

Part 7: 
The Third Eye: Perception and Intelligence

Part 8: 
The Crown Chakra and the 1000 Petal Lotus

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